“It’s always been a pleasure to have Heidi and her team out at Core Pipe to review their numerous benefits!”
— Debbie Tsamoulos, Core Pipe Products, Inc.

When your employees benefit, everyone benefits.

CORE is free financial guidance and resources that encourage your employees to thrive.

What is CORE?

CORE is an extra coach in your employees’ corner. It’s the idea that when financial stress is eliminated, everyone benefits. CORE is providing your employees with lower loan rates and higher savings yields, better access to funds and financial advice when it’s needed.

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Your employees are at your core. CORE is at theirs.

Community has been at our CORE for more than 65 years.

We don’t take business partnerships lightly. In fact, the personal connections we’ve established with local business owners and their employees during our 65+ year history are what make Earthmover Credit Union so unique. The CORE program is where we take these connections to the next level by providing your employees with aggressive loan and savings rates, unparalleled financial guidance and life-long financial support through the good times and the bad. All completely free to you, the business owner.

When your employees succeed, your business benefits, and our community grows. That’s the CORE promise. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with Heidi Baird, CORE Business Development Manager.

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Heidi BairdCORE Business Development Manager

CORE gives your employees a dedicated advisor—one who works to remove financial and budget burdens in and out of the workplace.

CORE gives you the power of Heidi Baird.

  • Financial lunch-and-learns at your business
  • Free financial check-ins for your employees

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Heidi BairdCORE Business Development Manager
Phone: (630) 966-2311
Email: hbaird@earthmovercu.com

CORE offers more than just a partnership.

Free Financial Education
From financial seminars and workshops to lunch-and-learns at your business, Earthmover Credit Union’s dedicated team works with yours to make sure all aspects of their financial lives are in order. Overall health begins with financial health.
Aggressively Low Loan Rates
Gain access to Earthmover’s aggressive rates across a variety of loan products—far lower than what big-box banks offer. From vehicle and RV loans to mortgages, home equity products, personal loans and credit cards, we’ve got you.
24/7 Account Access
Whether you have a checking account, savings product or loans with Earthmover, you’ll have 24/7 account access through our app and online banking portal. Plus, you’ll have access to our nationwide network of surcharge-free ATMs.
CORE in Action

Kendall County Sheriff's Office supports their team with financial education and check-ins.

With over 55 officers and administrative employees, KCSO relies on Earthmover's CORE program to keep their team's financial lives sound so in return, they can keep the residents of Kendall County safe, secure and moving forward.

CORE is proud to support Rush Copley's 2,000+ employees.

For more than 130 years, Rush Copley Medical Center has provided top quality health care to the residents of the greater Fox Valley. Earthmover works directly with their team to provide quality financial guidance and solutions for all their banking needs.

The Village of Montgomery trusts CORE to support their team through and through.

CORE is proud to work directly with the Village of Montgomery and their Human Resources Department to provide free financial check-ins and educational lunch-and-learns for all of their 80+ employees.

A division of Kendall County, the Kendall County Sheriff's Office
Rush Copley's 2,000+ employees
Village of Montgomery and their Human Resources Department

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When you sign up for CORE, your business becomes an Employer Partner (EP) with Earthmover Credit Union. This means all of your employees gain access to lower rates on loans, higher yields on savings, continued financial coaching, 24/7 account access and more. It’s a benefit to your employees' financial lives which inevitably creates a healthier team.

We know that your employees are the gears that keep your business moving. When those employees are free of financial stress and budget burdens, they often bring a more positive mental attitude into the workplace. That’s a win for both you and your customers. In short, your employees benefit, which is your gain.

Believe it or not, your cost is nothing. When you agree to become a CORE partner, Earthmover Credit Union simply gains the access to offer your employees financial services (at better rates and higher yields than the big-box banks) and guidance. While it costs you, the employer, nothing, the gains for your employees can be immeasurable.

We believe strongly that the small businesses in our community create some of the most lasting impacts. Regardless if your employee list is in the single digits or thousands, there’s a seat at the CORE table for you and your team.

Want to hear it from someone else?

“Earthmover Credit Union is an important part of the Yorkville community and has been incredibly responsive and helpful with our business needs.” Jeri Farrell, Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc.
“Core Pipe Products, Inc. has been a partner of Earthmover Credit Union for over 30 years. Many thanks to Heidi and her team for the excellent service they provide for our employees!” Debbie Tsamoulos, Core Pipe
“...We are grateful to have Earthmover Credit Union in Montgomery and the greater Montgomery region. They support the Village, special events and the local chamber; commit resources and raise funds for local non-profits.” Kristina Nemetz, Village of Montgomery

Give your employees the benefits they deserve.

Once your information has been submitted, Heidi will be in contact with you within 48 hours.